what is the itch?

The itch is the tingle under your skin that makes you want to scratch.

The itch is the niggling doubt in your mind that you left a burner on, just as you leave for your two-week vacation.

The itch is the feeling when you make eye contact with a stranger in the street, and they hold it for just a little too long.

The itch is the sensation when you are searching for your keys and realize that you’ve never owned a car.

The itch is the uneasiness in your gut when you see the same man outside reading a newspaper that just passed you in the lobby.

The itch is the panic you feel in the morning, when you find the person in bed next to you is the same, but you are somehow different.

The itch is the terror in the last bubble of air that escapes from your scream, as the chains pull you down to the bottom.

The itch is the fear that there are things more frightening than those we imagine: those that really do exist.

I am the itch, and these are my stories. I hope you enjoy them.

9 Replies to “what is the itch?”

  1. man, i don’t think i came across a blogger that moved me so much. Even your username, it reminds me of past sleepless, dark nights. i don’t mean to be weird, but i just want you to know that i appreciate that there’s a writer like you in the world. consider me your fan 🙂

    1. That is all very kind of you to say. I’m glad you were moved by my writing and hope it continue will to do so. I’m flattered; consider yourself a strong motivation for me to keep writing and improving.

  2. Once I heard the story about The Carver, I was hooked. I’m most intrigued by your short stories. Thank you for sharing them.

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