“How can you treat me this way,” she implored, “After all that we’ve been through together?”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” I was furious. “I’ve always treated you better than you deserve and you fucking know it!”

Jenny cried.

“I hate you!!!” More tears. “You’re horrible!! Horrible!!” Wah wah wah. Boo-hoo.

“I don’t think you even actually know how horrible I am, do you Jenny?” My anger gave way to bemusement. I started to grin and the feeling of it spreading slowly across my face was strange.

Jenny stopped crying. The tears gave way to a look of concern, then fear, then horror.

She finally saw that I was carrying the claw hammer.

“Tristan…. what… what is this? Don’t -”

Those were the last words she ever spoke.

I raised the hammer and my grin turned to a mad grimace of insane fury. I brought the hammer down onto Jenny’s blond head, over and over again.

Crack. Boo-hoo. Crack. Boo-hoo. Crack. And then only silence. Crack. Blood. Crack. Blood. Crack. Brains. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

The warm red liquid spattered against me, coating my arms, my shirt, my face. I grinned even wider yet. Now I was slamming the hammer against a lifeless body, what had been the love of my life. I didn’t care. I kept pounding away.

Crack. Insane laughter. Crack. More blood, spattering. Crack. The laughter turning to sobbing.

The grin broke and there was more weeping. The swings of the hammer slowed. I licked my lips and tasted copper.

Jenny was dead; my grin, gone.

Walk-In Freezer

“First shift, eh?” My new co-worker muttered while stirring up some of the meat frying on the giant grill. “Well, ya seem like a smart girl and I heard ya worked in kitchens before so you’ll be fine.”

“Right,” I said, and looked down. I tried not to stare at the massive tattoos covering his arms.

“Great, we’ll put ya on prep to start then,” The meat sizzled. “Actually, go n’ grab some more ground beef from the back wouldja, from the walk-in.”

“Sure thing.” I walked past the rows of pots and pans with things bubbling and sizzling, and the array of knives and cleavers laid out on the wall on a magnetic strip.

When I jerked the large steel handle on the freezer door it relented with a loud thunk. As I stepped inside the door immediately swung shut behind me. A wave of panic hit my body along with the intense cold – it was pitch black inside. It wasn’t until the lights flickered on with a hum that my panic rose to terror.

The fluorescent lighting illuminated rows of mutilated bodies hanging from meathooks, and revealed that the door had no handle on the inside.

Clinical Trial

“I see you’ve finally found us,” Dr. Mallory said, his back still turned. “Congratulations.”

“How could you do this to so many innocent people?” I accused with indignation, still catching my breath. “How could you administer the treatment and not tell us what it actually was – what it would do to our minds, to our souls?”

Mallory laughed and turned from the view of the night skyline to face me.

“Why surely you misunderstand,” he said, smiling. “There are no others – it is only you.”

The Horde

With axes, daggers and rusted spears they came. Their pale demonic faces were alive with rage as they chased me through the night and the trees of the dark woods.

The hideous creatures showed no sign of relenting as I felled them in my wake, one after another; I hacked and sliced and stabbed with my steel blade, turning it red with rivulets of their blood. They would not relent – the onslaught of monsters stepped over the bodies of their fallen as they came. Baring white teeth and uttering unworldly screams, they stared into me with beady eyes inset in spherical skulls.

I was doomed.

I sliced the arm off yet another one of the monsters, leaving my side unprotected. A jagged axe sunk deep into my flesh.

The last thought I had as I watched the blood run over my fur was that I would not be able to warn the others. Soon they too would be overrun by the horde of approaching creatures known as humans.