In my dream I am cold and it is dark. Slowly I walk the narrow path afforded me. I can see my breath in the fingers of light, steaming in the cold, dry, air.

I am walking through the dimness amongst hanging bodies. They are naked. Most are dead. Some still live, but barely – I can hear them softly groaning, weakly calling out to me. Kill us, they moan. The bodies are bloody and dismembered. Missing arms. Legs. Torsos sliced open and entrails falling to the ground. Blood slowly oozes down them, dripping onto the hard concrete of the floor.

I am shaking but not from the cold. I am trembling but not because of what I see. As I reach the end of my journey I come to a long steel table. The bodies are hanging from meathooks. I am holding the cleaver.

Revenge is a Dish

I awake into blackness and a world of searing pain. Everything is cold. A cold so freezing it burns. I am naked and the cold hard steel I lie against is a burning fire that sears my exposed skin.

I violently convulse in shivers. I gasp the cold, desiccated air and its emptiness stings my lungs. I am in shock. In the darkness I realize my eyelashes are frozen together and that I cannot feel my extremities.

A crack of light, up above. The crack grows to a rectangle to reveal a face staring down at me, a face I recognize. Megan’s face.

“Hello John.”

“M-m-m-m-m-m-m-MEGAN. W-w-w-w-wh-wh-what is happening? G-g-g-g-g-g-g-ge-get me out of ha-here.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, John, ” she says, and her voice is colder than the searing hell that imprisons me. “Do you know what it’s like, John? To feel betrayed? Do you? YOU ANIMAL. YOU GODDAMN MONSTER.”

“W-w-wh-wh-wh-w-w-wh-at are you t-t-t-t-t-t-t-alking about?” I stammer.

“SHUT UP!” she snaps. “You disgust me. You sick fuck. You monster. How can you do it? How can you murder innocent animals? How can you let people carve them up to serve to you on a plate? You disgust me.”


“I’m just giving you what you deserve, John. Unlike you, I’m NOT a monster. I could never hang you from a meathook and slit your throat like you deserve, even though that would be true justice, eye for an eye. Then you would really know what it’s like for them, those poor animals.”

Oh god, so cold. So cold. She’s insane, my mind screams. Insane.

“No, but I can show you the next best thing. So how does it feel, John? To be a piece of meat? How does it feel? Should I serve you up now, or freeze you for later?”


“I thought so,” she says with derision. “Goodbye John.”

Her face disappears, and the rectangle of light follows. My anguished cries echo around me in the frozen steel of the box, unheard.

Walk-In Freezer

“First shift, eh?” My new co-worker muttered while stirring up some of the meat frying on the giant grill. “Well, ya seem like a smart girl and I heard ya worked in kitchens before so you’ll be fine.”

“Right,” I said, and looked down. I tried not to stare at the massive tattoos covering his arms.

“Great, we’ll put ya on prep to start then,” The meat sizzled. “Actually, go n’ grab some more ground beef from the back wouldja, from the walk-in.”

“Sure thing.” I walked past the rows of pots and pans with things bubbling and sizzling, and the array of knives and cleavers laid out on the wall on a magnetic strip.

When I jerked the large steel handle on the freezer door it relented with a loud thunk. As I stepped inside the door immediately swung shut behind me. A wave of panic hit my body along with the intense cold – it was pitch black inside. It wasn’t until the lights flickered on with a hum that my panic rose to terror.

The fluorescent lighting illuminated rows of mutilated bodies hanging from meathooks, and revealed that the door had no handle on the inside.