The rain in spain
Falls mainly in the plain
Still, I feel I must explain
All of life is pain

Shards of broken glass,
axes and knives
these are the forces
defining hours of our lives

Life is hard
that’s why no one survives;
gotta get out when you know the getting’s good
no, gotta stay in time to sharpen our knives

It’s raining again
It’s raining again
The only constant is suffering
Forever changing

The “A” Game – 20K+ Randomized Writing Prompts for Flash Fiction

Something we do regularly at Toronto Horror Writers group is free-writing exercises, games, and prompts for writing flash.

For our last get together, I put together a small exercise for randomly generating up to 20,736 unique writing prompts. While I’m sure there are many other similar things out there like it, I thought I’d share for those who might be interested.

The “A” Game

Equipment required (per participant):
Copy of game sheet
– 2 six-sided dice

Procedure for each round of writing:
1. Participant rolls first die
2. Participant rolls second die. If the roll is 3 or less, than take the value of the first die. If it is 4 or greater, add 6 to the value on the first.
3. Repeat steps 1-2 for each category on the game sheet (setting, character, object, style)

When finished you should have a writing prompt built from the above
e.g. Write a horror story set on a faraway alien planet about a lawyer and an amulet.

I’ve called it the “A Game” because each of the possible 12 choices for each area (except for style) start with “a” on my game sheet. Some of my choices are quite silly – of course, you could make even more writing prompts by coming up with other settings, characters, objects, and genres!

Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone who wants to do something similar in their writing groups, or if just they want to do a fun exercise and write some flash. Let me know what you think in the comments.

– the itch