500 sq ft.

I’m trapped in my apartment.

When I woke up the other morning and tried to make my way to work, I found the front door impassable. It wasn’t locked. It wasn’t bolted shut. It had simply ceased to be a door. The handle was there and would turn and I could hear the pieces moving within the lockset, but it would not budge. It was like a wall.

The door to my balcony was the same, and all the windows were sealed shut. I couldn’t even get a fingernail into the cracks of them.

Outside, rain fell, but the streets are empty, deserted. There wasn’t a soul to be seen. No traffic. Not a bird in the grey sky.

It’s been four weeks now. There’s new food in my fridge each day I open it. The plumbing and lighting and TV still work, thank God, otherwise I’d have gone out of my mind. But I’m trapped. Something is different, something has fundamentally changed. And what terrifies me is not that I am trapped, but that perhaps one day I’ll die in here without ever having found out why.

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  1. I love your work. I can’t help but finding myself re-reading re-watching all your pieces whenever I return to this site. Well done and please continue.
    I hope you skills one day can be put into actual film, oh how wondrous that would be.

    (I found out about you threw snapchat on halloween)

    1. Hey Ashe, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my stories. That would be amazing to see one of my stories adapted to a short film – maybe it will happen one day!

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