In the Shower

We made love in the shower every morning

I loved the feeling of the hot water pouring down
His strong hands touching me
Caressing me
Holding me
Pushing my body against the tile of the wall

But then there was the accident
And so quickly he was gone
I cried every morning since
The salt of my tears mixing with the cold water
Disappearing down the drain

This morning I felt his presence behind the curtain with me
His invisible hands touching me
Grabbing me
Gripping me
I threw back my head and moaned

It was when I felt his hands around my throat
That my moans turned to choking screams
I realized he was back
Not because I missed him
But because he missed me

2 Replies to “In the Shower”

  1. I suppose this must be punishment for getting a late start to my day…
    I now find myself torn between a piqued curiosity and a distinct fear as to just what I may find in my shower this morning. I’m enjoying it!

    Thank you. xXx

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