Vengeance is Mine

It took me months. Months to figure it all out. But dedication is a strange thing and can really change a man. Suddenly other things that had been a priority – my wife, my friends, my job – became unimportant and fell by the wayside.

I did it all alone. Figured it out all by myself, no need for some two-bit P.I. or anything like that. There had to be a connection between them. There must have been something. Somewhere they met. Some evidence left behind that day. Some clue.

After I found him it was much easier to find her. Child’s play really. Then the real fun began. Having her me meet somewhere and make it look like natural, a normal little social exchange in a public place. Coincidentally bumping into her, first once, then again and again at different places we now both just happened to frequent.

I knew what I was doing but she had no clue. I knew exactly where this was going and what the end game would be. I just had to play my cards right. It took a long time, longer than it should have. But when she wasn’t wearing her ring any longer I knew I’d won, that it was time to pull the trigger. I bought her a dozen roses that day.

“Oh baby, that was amazing,” she says, falling back onto the comforter. I light a cigarette and drink in her naked form with my eyes. I hear the door open downstairs and suddenly she’s afraid. “Oh my God, he’s home! Hide!”

I know he’s home. I know he is because I arranged for him to be.

When he walks into the bedroom and sees us lying together there is no surprise on his face, only anger and disgust.

You.” He utters the word with venom.

I blow smoke into the air. “Well, how does it feel?” I smile. “How do you like it?”

She screams as I leap from the bed and clutch my hands around his throat. She doesn’t realize she’s next.

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