My Dog Wrench

I love my dog Wrench. Wrench is a special dog. He’s not like any other dog in the whole world.

Wrench was a stray, and I adopted him. I found him out in the world when he was wandering around, lost, scared, and alone. I’d always wanted a little doggie of my own and Wrench looked like he needed help. So I took him into my heart.

Some people say you shouldn’t adopt strays, because when they’re away from human contact for too long they don’t do so well being reintroduced to it. They’re basically not like pets anymore, they’re more like feral animals. I can see the thinking behind this, but I adopted Wrench anyway; he was just so beautiful. And I wanted more than anything to have a little pet doggie of my own.

When I first adopted Wrench, he was still very much an animal like that – he was scared and confused. He was still crying and yipping and whining a lot, he was so scared. I understood how it all must look to a little dog like him, how frightening all of this new environment must be. How new I must have been. It was only natural.

He wouldn’t eat. He refused to touch the big bowls of wet food I put out for him, or even the dry kibble. He tried to run away every time I opened the front door. He even bit me. But I guess that much was to be expected; you can’t just adopt a stray animal and expect it to be perfectly behaved and love you right off the bat. These things take time. You have to build a relationship. You have to train your animal for obedience. You have to reward it when it does good and punish it when it does wrong.

And that’s how my dog Wrench got his name.

Wrench is well-behaved now. Wrench loves me and I love him. When I leave work I always get excited when I think about coming home to find him waiting for me behind front door. When I come in he’ll jump up and up and put his paws on me and bark excitedly. He’s so excited to see his master and I’m excited to see him.

I love my dog Wrench. Wrench is a special dog. He’s not like any other dog in the whole world. I love that he greets me when I come home. I love that he sits up on my lap and lets me pet him when I’m watching TV. I love that he wears the new collar I bought him. I love that he’s my best friend in the whole world, man’s best friend, and I’m his.

Even so I know that Wrench will always be an indoor dog. I’ll never be able to take him out for walks, or buy him a leash, or take him out to a dog park to play with other dogs. Wrench must always stay inside because he’s special. I know he’s special because yesterday when I walked by the bus station I saw his picture on the bulletin board beneath big bold capital letters which read HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHILD.

I love my dog Wrench. Wrench is a special dog. He’s the most special dog in the whole world. And no one will ever take him away from me.

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