The Heiress

“I HATE YOU!” I screamed, and threw the tray at her. It bounced off the tempered glass of the far wall and clattered metalically to the floor. “I HATE YOU! How could you does this to me?!”

The orderly grabbed me from behind and pulled me away from my mother’s hospital bed. She was a shadow of her former self, a skeleton; all her hair had fallen out, and she was sickly and emaciated. Her eyes sat sunken in her skull above two scarlet rims.

Despite her wretched state I could still see the disgust for me in her eyes. I could feel the animosity between us hang in the air, even as she lay there dying before me.

“Settle down ma’am!” said the orderly, releasing his grip. “Don’t do anything crazy. Can’t you see she’s a sick woman? Give her some peace!”
“How could you??” I begged again, sobbing. “How could you cut me out of the will and not Todd? What about me? Where’s my inheritance?”

My mother’s voice was low, cold and devoid of emotion save for a tinge of disgust.

“You are a failure,” she stated flatly. “You’ve always been a failure. You may need that money more than your brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give it to you to squander. I may be powerless here in this bed but I will make damn sure of that. You are a disappointment to me and an embarrassment our family name.” I’d heard the last words before but they still stung like hot needles piercing my skin.

“What about the children? Mark just left me! Mother! Please…”

She was unmoved.

“You will have your inheritance,” she said, her bloodshot eyes piercing deeply into mine. “The doctors told me the day I found out, but of course you never came to visit me did you? Not until now, with the end so near. Not until you found out that I’d cut you out of the will. The disease is hereditary. It is passed on only through the women of a bloodline.”

The room in the air grew colder. I felt a vice tightening on my chest.

“As I lay here now, so too will you one day,” she said, savouring the words. “And your daughter after you. This I leave to you child, my legacy. I leave you what you deserve, my young heiress.”

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  1. Powerfully written and I like the way you have hit on the fact that inheritance seems to be a huge part of some people’s lives even before the parents have passed. Great twist.

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