Defogging the Mirror

“…..third disappearance in the city this week. Police are asking anyone with information that could be helpful to come forward or call….” beeeee-ooop. I clicked off the TV and set the remote back on the table. No news is good news and I didn’t want to hear from the fear-mongering talking heads any more, at least not tonight – I was tired.

A nice hot shower followed by reading in bed was just what I needed to relax myself after such a stressful day. I walked by the cool breeze coming in from the window I’d opened (the one by the kitchen), and then up the stairs. I stripped off my clothes, stepped into the tub and basked in the glorious hot water and steam of a too-long shower. The stress in my shoulders and thoughts of the hard day gone by melted away.

Sadly all good things must come to an end, I thought, as the faucet squeaked when I shut it off. I stepped out of the shower and threw on my robe from the hook behind the door, and put my hair up in a towel. Dammit, I’d forgotten to turn on the fan again; the mirror was an opaque wall of condensation.

I grabbed the hair dryer and began defogging the mirror. My blood ran cold when I cleared the area above my right shoulder – in the reflection I saw the hallway and the dark shape of the approaching intruder behind me.

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