The End is The Beginning

I was getting closer now, I could feel it.

There was evil in this place, it was in the air. The evil of him, of his very existence. Too long his abominations had terrorized the countryside. Too long had the humble people of my village lived in fear.

I reached the end of the passageway and raced up the gargantuan spiral staircase. Up and up and up into the keep I went, and the dark bowels of the catacombs which had been my ingress disappeared below.

I reached the top, and stormed through the dark antechamber into the great hall. On the far side upon a twisted throne he sat, as if expecting me.

He stood and his cape, black as midnight, fluttered around him. He was hairless and his skin was the white of bleached bone.

“I knew you’d come.” His tone was flat, expressionless. “I saw what you did to my children. Though I was not there, I saw.”

“You’re evil,” I said. Hatred rose in my soul. “You deserve to die.”

He did not resist when I drew my sword and ran. We fell to the ground together in one motion as I plunged it into his heart. The sound of our fall echoed in the stone atrium.

“I will have my revenge,” he uttered weakly. His voice was strained now, faint. He reached out a shaking white hand and gently touched my cheek. His skin was cold as ice and seemed to suck the very life out of me. “Soon, you will be one of my children too.”

“For Death,” he rasped, “is only the beginning.”

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