Workplace Performance Issues

“I’m terribly sorry,” said DeBiers. “But your performance as of late has been completely unsatisfactory. We’re going to have to let you go.”

“Unsatisfactory?” replied Carson, incredulous. “UNSATISFACTORY??!” He began to breathe quickly and his face became flushed. His chest rose and fell in rapid succession as his supervisor watched from across the mahogany desk.

“Now Carson, understand that it’s nothing personal.” DeBiers cleared his throat. “Nothing to get upset about. There have been complaints….”

“UNSATISFACTORY????!!” Carson became fully enraged, and slowly stood up from the office chair. As his shoulders rose and fell he actually seemed to be getting bigger; with each breath his chest extended further and further, almost impossibly so.

DeBiers began to back away. Finally Carson’s spasms reached their apex and tore his shirt apart. His bare abdomen split down the middle into a jagged fleshy maw, revealing rows of enormous triangular teeth. Spiky insectile arms burst from his back and unfolded in a bloom.

DeBiers turned to run, but the monstrous insect limbs ensnared him, and he was pulled, screaming, into the waiting jaws of his ex-employee.

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