True Love

Mom always told me that true love isn’t easy.

That’s what I’ve found with John. We’ve had tough times. We’ve had good times. But still we remain together. Our love has been something that has come together slowly and gradually. It’s something we’ve had to work at.

At first I didn’t even love him. When we first met he was so insistent, forceful even, and I was shy and resisted. But eventually he charmed me, and now we’ve spent enough time together that I’ve truly grown to love him, and our relationship is something we work at every day. It’s so satisfying to share such a beautiful thing with another person.

It’s not always the easiest for me, because I know that our relationship is so uneven. John knows this too; the world I live in is much smaller than his, but I still try to be the best I can for him. When he comes home I always make sure to have a smile on my face, and ask him about work, and give him all the space he needs – especially if he is tired or had a rough day.

I love John so much, and am so glad that I have him in my life. As Mom taught me, true love isn’t something you just fall into where everything is perfect, it really is something you have to work at. And I’m so glad we’ve made things work like this. I really couldn’t be happier.

Still, I just hope that one day John will love me enough to unchain me and let me out of his basement.

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