“How can you treat me this way,” she implored, “After all that we’ve been through together?”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” I was furious. “I’ve always treated you better than you deserve and you fucking know it!”

Jenny cried.

“I hate you!!!” More tears. “You’re horrible!! Horrible!!” Wah wah wah. Boo-hoo.

“I don’t think you even actually know how horrible I am, do you Jenny?” My anger gave way to bemusement. I started to grin and the feeling of it spreading slowly across my face was strange.

Jenny stopped crying. The tears gave way to a look of concern, then fear, then horror.

She finally saw that I was carrying the claw hammer.

“Tristan…. what… what is this? Don’t -”

Those were the last words she ever spoke.

I raised the hammer and my grin turned to a mad grimace of insane fury. I brought the hammer down onto Jenny’s blond head, over and over again.

Crack. Boo-hoo. Crack. Boo-hoo. Crack. And then only silence. Crack. Blood. Crack. Blood. Crack. Brains. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

The warm red liquid spattered against me, coating my arms, my shirt, my face. I grinned even wider yet. Now I was slamming the hammer against a lifeless body, what had been the love of my life. I didn’t care. I kept pounding away.

Crack. Insane laughter. Crack. More blood, spattering. Crack. The laughter turning to sobbing.

The grin broke and there was more weeping. The swings of the hammer slowed. I licked my lips and tasted copper.

Jenny was dead; my grin, gone.

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